Our History

The beginnings of Julcar take place in the 50´s. Our origins were in a local sited in the center of the town of Burgos. We started under low pressure method known as gravity casting. They were manufactured simple parts, with technical and aesthetical requirements according to the demand by those days by an incipient industrial sector that were growing up in several cities in Spain, one of them, Burgos, were we are located.
The following 30 years, the company growed continuously in the turnover and also in the number of clients among several activity sectors.
The 80´s came around, and with it, the changes. The first zamak die casting machine were bought. After it, the first aluminium die casting machines were bought too. Also, we began to work for the first automotive customers in an incipient growing sector.
The year 1991, was the year when the change of headquarters were done. The company bought a plot in the Villalonquéjar industrial area and the building of the new factory were done.
In the year 2000, due to the vision of the company founder and his commercial team, began the first steps of JULCAR HERRAJES (hiperlink a la página de JULCAR HERRAJES). It seemed to be a profitable business due to the growing the construction sector were experimenting. A new line of products were created, R&D investements were made, new moulds were done, new catalogues were printed, etc
In the year 2002 the first manufacturing plant ampliation was built. New machinery was bought, the number of employees growed, the number of clients were increased and the turnover growed too.
At the middle of 2016, second plant ampliation was built. 1000 sqm were added to the existent 3.000 sqm. New office area was created, a new bigger aluminium die casting machine were added while the turnover and employees growed again.
During 2017 a new machine was bought to strenghten the quality department with an X-Ray machine.