All the parts we manufacture have a packaging adapted to the transport conditions, the needs of the parts and the customer’s requirements.

At JULCAR we usually work with cardboard boxes, but we also work with returnable plastic boxes that some of our clients provide us and manage.

The most common packages we carry out are:

  • Parts packed in bulk
  • Parts collocated in boxes or containers with layers
  • Parts wrapped in plastic bags and collocated with layers
  • Parts packed in cardboard racks with layers
  • Parts placed in thermoplastic trays



Our main clients are National and European.

The delivery conditions can be: EXW Burgos, DAP and from Brexit DDP for the United Kingdom.

In the event that we have to deliver shipments internationally, we will analyse its viability.

Thanks to the internal management of the logistics department, to the planning carried out for the serial parts and to the carriers we work with, we make our deliveries within the agreed deadline to satisfy our customers.