Die Casting

Since our beginnings, the foundry has been the main nucleus of our activity.

Actual parts typology

Endowed with a very important degree of automation, we serve our customers parts with the following characteristics:


Aluminium and Zamak high-pressure die-casting

Piece size

From 10gr up to 2.5kg

Anual series

From 30,000 to 800,000 parts/year (depending on the part size)


We have specialized machinery of different tonnages, both for zamak and aluminium, which allows us to manufacture a very wide range of parts.


Machine from 160T to 1250T


Machine from 80T to 220T



Automotive (85%)

Our main clients nationally and internationally are Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Hardware/Metalwork (12%)

Handles, Cremones, Pre-frame squares, Glazing blocks, etc.

Others (3%)

Valves, furniture, construction, cosmetics, electricity, etc.



In order to give the best service to our clients, JULCAR offers a wide range of alloys whose mechanical characteristics are different and are adapted to any of their projects.

The raw material plays a fundamental role in the internal quality of the part, for this reason, JULCAR systematically controls the chemical composition of each of its alloys upon receipt by spectrometer.