Die Casting

From our origins, foundry has been our main industrial activity.

At the begining we used the gravity casting method, that were followed after by the die casting method.

We have equipped our manufacturing plant, with different ton machines, dedicated to zamak (80-220Tn) and either to aluminium (160-750Tn). That let us reach a wide range of manufactured parts, from parts of 10gr upto almost 4kg.

At same time, we have several accessory equipment and machinery, that serve as a complement to our die casting machines, and let them reach so a technical parts with the best results possible: temperature control units, vacuum valves, furnaces, etc.

At present, we work for a wide range of sectors, being automotive sector our main core business, where we are TIER 2&3 for the main OEM. We work for valve sector, furniture, construction, cosmetics, hardware/accesories for aluminium, electricity, etc.

Our plant has a high grade of automatization, being able to manufacture annual series from 10.000 pcs/year upto series over 500.000 pcs/year.

This wide range of series, let us work with a large range of different alloys that let us adapt to our customers needs. Thus, in aluminium, we work mainly with AC46000, AC46100, AC46500, AC47100, AC44100, AC43400, AC44300 y Silafont36. In the zamak side, the Zamak 5/ZL-5, Zamak 3/ZL-3, Zamak 27/ZL-27 or Zamak 8/ZL-8 are among the main alloys used in our manufactured parts.