Surface Finishings

Once a part is die casted, it needs some operations to done previous to be send to our customers or our final aesthetics treatment providers.

Usually, the parts directed to painting process, need a smooth surfaces and mould joints (parts destinated to friction or mobile assemblies, gear parts, etc). For these kind of parts the most demanded suface finishing is the vibration polishing. This surface finishing is a completely automated process that allow to reach competitive cost and good results for the parts that can be treated with this process. We have internal capacity in our factory to make this surface finishing in different grades of polishing depending the requirements of the parts and if it is aluminium or zamak parts.

At same time, there exist parts with high demanding technical requirements, that require a surface finishing assuring no burrs presence adhered in the final parts. These parts can not be one by one reworked, specially when there are milliards of parts to be hand reworked. For this kind of parts, shot blasting is the perfect surface finishing. It is quick, cheap and allow a high volume of parts to be processed by hour. Inside Julcar, we have a tumble shot blasting equipment with different kind of finishings, depending the diameter of the inox ball used for the shot blasting process.