Quality control

Quality control over the manufactured parts, is one of the most important operations to be done.

We are certified in the main and most recognized international quality rules like the IATF 16949, the ISO 14001 and the 9001:2000 since several years ago. That give us a clear vision of the way we have to work to increase our services and reach our clients quality demands.

Our quality team, is also certified in the VDA 6.3, that close the circle between our company and external providers.

Concerted quality, reviewing rules, our customers reviewing rules, etc are done for every part we manufacture. Control plans, FMEA´s, PPAP, ppm´s, etc are important parameters in our internal documentation, working with these concepts every day. All of this to reach our customers quality demands.

To keep all of these parameters

For this, we have a quality department, equipped with x-ray machine, 3D measuring machine, spectrometer, profile projector, breaking test machine, gauges, digital calipers, dynamometers, rugosimeters, etc. that are part of the equipment with whom we carry out the required quality tests over the parts we manufacture.